The visitors of the exhibition will be able to taste various types of beer and other beverages made from small producers from different parts of Sweden. Every product is linked to the area it comes from and is made with care and in an artisanal way.

Cultural centre UmeåBryggverket and Beer Studio are located in Umeå in the North of SwedenPhoto: Sara Ingman/

Lillpangarn by Bryggverket
Lillpangarn is a hoppy pale ale with fruity notes of citrus, created at the little brewery Bryggverket in Northern Sweden. The brewery is located by lake Stöcksjö, a peaceful lake outside Umeå, where the founders can continue to develop new beers without interruption. The beer is created with high-quality ingredients, combined with a sense of curiosity and passion. The founders believe that Bryggverket is one of the many things making Northern Sweden so great. 

Monkey Mountain by Beer Studio
Darren Packman is a nerdy Brit who has contributed to putting Umeå on the beer map by founding Beer Studio. The brewery might be small, but it has got big ambitions, aiming to create world-class beer packed with plenty of character and a twist of Norrland. Monkey Mountain is an eye-catching American pale ale with a fruity aroma and a light bitterness. It’s low on alcohol and high on hop juice.

Shopping at Birger Jarlsgatan, StockholmThe headquarters of Swedish Tonic is located on the shopping street Birger Jarlsgatan in StockholmPhoto: Agence les Conteurs

Virgin Tonic by Swedish Tonic
In the heart of Stockholm, on the exclusive shopping street Birger Jarlsgatan, lies the headquarters of Swedish Tonic, a company creating extraordinary tonic with only natural ingredients. The beverage is crafted in small batches, with amber syrup, real cinchona bark, freshly squeezed citrus and agave for a sense of sweetness. It is strained, blended, sealed and labeled in Sweden, but has become popular all over Europe.

Södra Teatern, StockholmYou’ll find Modernist brewery on Södermalm, a hip area with many restaurants and bars, such as Södra Teatern with spectacular views over StockholmPhoto: Agence les Conteurs

Herbarium Raspberry Rhubarb by Modernist
Stockholm has become somewhat of a hub for innovative people and new start-ups, and there is no exception in the beer industry, as plenty of breweries are popping up all over the capital. Modernist brewery is located on Södermalm, a hip area south of the city, with many independent shops and alternative bars and restaurants. The founders of Modernist use their knowledge of experimental science and engineering to develop new interesting beers. Their aim is to create beers that are a bit different, just like the Herbarium Raspberry Rhubarb, which is a fully fermented pale ale with a crispy body. Rhubarb and raspberry is added after the fermentation to make the beer a refreshing summer dream.

Pub and brewery Eskilstuna Ölkultur, SödermanlandEskilstuna Ölkultur is a brewery with its own pub, located in Södermanland.Photo: Alice Öberg/Eskilstuna Ölkultur

Session IPA by Eskilstuna Ölkultur
Eskilstuna Ölkultur, established in 2008, was the first brewery with its own pub in Sweden. It is located in a beautiful old building with a cosy atmosphere in Eskilstuna, Södermanland. The fridges are stocked with tasty beer, crafted with traditional methods and top-quality ingredients. The Session IPA has a piny bitterness and is perfect with high-fat foods, such as the homemade burgers served in the pub at Eskilstuna Ölkultur. Don’t miss the beer tastings, weekly quizzes and gig nights when visiting the brewery.

Red cottagesThere are plenty of traditional farms and villages in DalarnaPhoto: Synöve Borlaug Dufva/

Folkets pilsner by Sahlins brygghus
Folkets pilsner is a classic pilsner. Nothing is added – it’s just straight, clean and crispy. The brewery is located in the forests of Borlänge, in Dalarna, in a traditional farm dating back to the 14th century, which attracts about 30 000 visitors per year. It is especially popular in the summer when the farm café is open, and you can buy ice cream, skin care products, meat and, of course, try the fantastic beer, all produced on the premises. 

West coastMorgondagens Ekobryggeri is located in the picturesque archipelago on the west coast.Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/

Typical Tropical by Morgondagens Ekobryggeri
The founders of Morgondagens Ekobryggeri thought Sweden was lacking organic beers, and decided to do something about it. In the summer of 2016 they opened the beer café Morgondagens Ekologiska Ölkafé, in Hamburgsund, located in the picturesque archipelago of Bohuslän. They serve only organic beer and delicious food. Typical Tropical is a sour fruit beer, with a juicy character – perfect for a summer’s day by the sea on the west coast.

The founders of Odd Island brewery, West SwedenPeter and Daniel, former band members of In Flames, are the founders of Odd Island brewery in Fjärås, West Sweden.Photo: Jonas Eklöf/Odd Island

Folkale by Odd Island
Folkale is well-balanced American pale ale, which is low in alcohol and full of flavour. It’s dry hopped with fruity notes, combined with a bitterness that breaks the crispy sweet body. The founders, Peter and Daniel, are former band members of Swedish band In Flames. They have travelled the world in tour buses and tried beers from all over the globe. They finally decided to settle down on the west coast of Sweden and started a brewery in the little community of Fjärås, which is also a nature reserve. Fjärås is well visited for its fantastic nature which was shaped by the heavy ice sheet about 14 000 years ago. In other words, it’s a spectacular environment for creating spectacular beer.

Apple ValleyÄppledalen – ‘Apple Valley’ – between Gränna and Huskvarna.Photo: Christoffer Collin/

Sparkling white currant juice by Rudenstams bär och frukt
Using ingredients sourced from their own farms in the ‘apple valley’ in Småland, Rudenstams creates a wide array of delicious fruit juices. The small town of Huskvarna, where the farm is located, is renowned for its lush apple orchards and organic farms. Rudenstams’ sparkling white currant juice, is sweet and sour, and equally refreshing whether it’s served in the garden café at Rudenstams’ own farm, or at the Nobel Banquet, where it’s been the non-alcoholic option two years in a row.