Design by students at Beckmans College of Design
Photo: Rikard Lilja/Beckmans College of Design


Participating companies

Companies & designers

The exhibition “HEMMA” has been possible to realize thanks to the following designers, producers, schools and regions.

A2 is a young brand presenting a collection of creative and distinct objects for public and private spaces.

Our collection of furniture and interior details is contemporary with a heritage of the Scandinavian tradition. We cherish a genuine production by skilled craftsmen. All products are, and will always be, produced in Småland, Sweden. The result is long lasting high quality products with a strong identity.

Product/Designer: Sara Larsson


Articles focus is set on producing furniture and objects with a crossover quality spanning from office spaces, hotels and restaurants,  all the way to domestic settings. A careful combination of materials and timeless design comprises our vision of long lasting products. The collection contains work of glass artist Carina Seth Andersson, architect Anna von Schewen and industrial designer Björn Dahlström. 

Product/Designer:  Cube vase/Carina Seth Andersson, Giardini/Björn Dahlström, Winwin table/Björn Dahlström, Socialclub Lounge Chair/Anna von Schewen.
ASPLUND - one of the most prominent Scandinavian design companies founded in 1990 by brothers Michael and Thomas Asplund. ASPLUND develop high quality interior design under the lead of creative director Sandra Adrian Asplund. Local actors in Sweden produce all the furniture and storage. Carpets are hand-made by skilled craftsmen in India.

Product/Designer: Tati desk and Pagoda shelf/Broberg & Ridderstråle, Palais table and Royal Palais/ Anya Sebton och Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, Air bench/Thomas Sandell, Swoon/Marcel Sigel, Light Tray/Daniel Rybakken & Andreas Engsvik.
Astrid is a Swedish textile producer, specializing in double-width fabrics of great quality in a large array of colours. We have a diversity of collections in flameproof fabric such as Trevira CS, a variety of high quality linen in different styles and smooth wool qualities.

We work in close cooperation with architects, contributing ideas and solutions for including textiles in various projects.

Beckmans College of Design,
Stockholm has long been an incubator of design and also an influencer in creative thinking and innovation. Now eleven graduates and alumni from Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm’s most influential design college make their first appearance on the international design scene. The exhibition will showcase new work and thoughts on the concept of home.

Product/Graduate: Arbor/Frida Pettersson & Madeleine Nelson, Fransson/Anna Herrmann & Lisa Jonsson, Concretely Happy/Shifting Shape & Jonatan Nilsson, Kolonn/Klara W Hedengren & Lisa Lindh, Ground Settings/Emma Stridh,Equally Strong/Hanna Wik, Fortuna/Hanna Stenström/Jennie Aden

Contact: Annika Berner, Director of External Relations, 

Blå Station,
Blå Station is a family business based in the little seaside town of Åhus on the Swedish south-east coast, where the sea is forever restless. Just like us! 
Our design philosophy is to offer an alternative to what is already available. It’s about researching the potential of future design here and now. Curiosity is our fuel, as we keep searching, not for the already known and established, but for the unexpected, yet-to-be discovered.

 Product/Designer: BOB/ Stefan Borselius, Thomas Bernstrand, STOVE/Gabriel Tan, Pucca/Stefan Borselius, DENT/O4i

Bolon is a Swedish design company that makes innovative flooring solutions for public spaces. It is a third-generation family business run by sisters Annica and Marie Eklund. Under their leadership, Bolon has transformed from a traditional weaving mill into an international design brand with clients such as Armani, Google, Volvo Cars, Adidas, Apple, Missoni and Four Seasons Hotels. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Bolon designs and manufactures all its products in Ulricehamn in Sweden. The company is recognised worldwide for its award-winning flooring and its collaborations with some of the world’s most acclaimed innovators and creatives 

CAKE develops uncompromising high performance electric off-road motorbikes. CAKE’s mission is to speed up the journey towards a zero emission society, while enhancing excitement and fun. All components are made from scratch to optimize the riding performance in this new category. Every little detail is elaborated for perfection, while considering the perspectives of sustainability.

It’s all about the outdoors.
Explore with respect

Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem Beds are ecolabeled, handmade beds from Lysekil on the west coast of Sweden. By combining our patented sleep innovations for maximum pressure relief with contemporary design, we deliver a near weightless sleeping experience and beds that are as beautiful to look at, as they are comfortable to sleep in. Carpe Diem Beds is a part of the Hilding Anders family.

With their everlasting love and devotion for textile carpets Dahl Agenturer’s been supplying carpets (and lighting) in numerous projects since the seventies; offices, hotels, retail, schools, private homes and such.

Please pay their showroom/studio and shop a visit next time you’re in Stockholm to get their own eclectic yet commercial mix of products, materials, structures and colors

David Design,
Since 30 years ago David design together with some of the world´s leading designers, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Luca Nichetto, Nendo, Inga Sempé, Richard Hutten, Florent Coirier and more, create a collection of furniture, lighting and accessoars. Today David design is a well-established international brand with followers that look for iconic, functional and sustainable products. Proudly produced in Sweden. 

Product/Designer: Gregorio/ Claesson Koivisto Rune, Portia/Superlab, Goliath/Florient Coirier 

Design House
Design House Stockholm is the publishing house for Scandinavian design. With timeless feeling and a level of quality that outlives fleeting trends, the collection represents the best of contemporary Scandinavian design. Rather than selecting a designer to make a specific product, all designers are invited to bring their personal ideas. Some of these ideas are selected for development and production. Design House Stockholm looks for products that add something new to their genre. Products with personality and character.

Torso chair in white and nature/ Lisa Hilland
Kosmos lamp white  - Alexander Lervik
Tondo (mortel) - Jessika Källeskog
Knot pillow- senapsgul - Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir
Shell candle stick -  Magnus Löfgren
Fia caraff Amber - Nina Jobs
Flip candleholder vit - Lena Bergström
Trio vaser - Jonas Wagell
Demi lamp small white/clear - Mattias Stenberg
Tyngdlyftaren (hantel) - Alexander Lervik

Essem Design,
Clothing House av Ola Giertz och Triangel av Essem Design
The hallway is the room’s equivalent to the words hello and goodbye. It is the hallway that welcomes you and it is the hallway that welcomes you back. The hallway is thus not only a room with functionality but also a room that can make an impression. Some people are actually calling the hallway the most important room in a home — the room where the expectations are set of what is next to come. Other people only see it as a functional passageway. 

At Essem Design we consider both aspects — we believe that functionality and characteristics are both equally important when it comes to the interior. Our product range consists of functional hat racks from the 1930’s and characteristic hooks from today’s prominent designers. For the environment and for the benefit of the local society, all manufacturing is located in Småland, Sweden.

Product/Designer:  Clothing House/Ola Giertz, Triangel/Essem Design

Falu Rödfärg,
Most paint brands are associated with the word paint. But if you say “Falu Rödfärg”, people think of summer, sun, grandmother, strawberries, ice cream, happiness, community, freedom, weddings, funerals, midsummer, new potatoes, cream cake, summer jobs, holidays, kittens, cattle fields.... Falu Rödfärg is linked with millions of memory images, and constantly creates new possibilities for positive memories and associations.

What the brand Falu Rödfärg promises is impossible to copy. Here, there are the roots in Swedish building tradition, as well as Swedish cultural tradition. In every product that bears the Falu Rödfärg name, there is 250 years of “silent knowledge”. Knowledge of everything from how the natural pigment raw material should be treated and how the linseed oil’s quality affects the paint’s characteristics to how today’s architects motivate the choice of classic distemper and the feelings the brand evokes in people who live in Falun red houses.

We offer a brand whose qualities are determined by the human senses. Putting our “touch” on the job is an idea we take with us in everything from how we assess the colour of the burned pigment to how we treat customers and colleagues. Each of us who works in, or with, Falu Rödfärg affects the brand with our thoughts and actions.

Being able to work with “A Swedish miracle” is a benefit we have, and together, we will ensure that the era of the miracle is not past!

Folkform is the name of an art and design duo compris- ing designers Anna Holmquist and Chandra Ahlsell, both having studied at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts & Design). Since starting their partnership in 2005 they have maintained a clear focus and ambition – to make use of and highlight parts of the Swedish cultural heritage. In their unique designs and furniture making, Folkform have been inspired by classic industrial materials and expressions from Masonite to brass, bronze and stone. They began with a competition entry for Masonite manufacturer Rundvik’s 75th anniversary and ended up with Folkform, a design studio now with over 10 years of experience and an impressive success record, both in Sweden and internationally

Folkform have worked with objects closely related to books and literature for some time now, one example beeing the revolving bookcases for Svenskt tenn. The new Folkform floor and table lamp is titled the Libreria lamp since it was first designed for an exhibition in an old bookbinders workshop in Milan.

Product/Designer: Libreria/Chandra Ahlsell & Anna Holmquist

Friends of Handicraft,, Skogsberg &Smart
Riff, Raff, Rug Divider" by the designers Magnus Skogsberg & Mimmi Smart. A unique hand-woven rag rug with golden threads and fabrics from the designers’ own clothing. Produced at Handarbetets Vänner Ateljé in Stockholm (Friends of Handicraft Studio), 2016.
"The rug is made from clothes in our own closets. The piece is a self-critical commentary on consumption, though the mix of labels on the back of the carpet has a more playful approach, from cheap to expensive, from Zara to Prada.

Handarbetets Vänner in Stockholm, founded in 1874, is a centre for education, production and development of advanced textiles and design.

Product/Designer: Carpet /Skogsberg & Smart

Succession: by Färg & Blanche for Petite Friture in partnership with Revol.

From experiments on felt, Färg & Blanche shaped and created organic forms, this experimental result was handed over to the artisans of Revol who for this occasion returned to the original moulding techniques, creating a complete dining service in culinary porcelain. 

Propduct/Designer;:  porcelain/Fredrik Färg & Emma Blanche

Gemla Fabrikers is Sweden's oldest furniture factory, founded 1861. Today the only one mastering the art of solid steambent wood in Sweden. Each chair is handmade by skilled craftsmen, only using natural and sustainable materials.

At HEMMA you will meet the acknowledged contemporary chairs, created by some of the most talented Swedish designers VILDA by Jonas Bohlin, NORDIC by Kallio-Thau & COLLAGE by FRONT design.

Product/Designer: Vilda/Jonas Bohlin, Nordic/Kallio&Thau  Collage/Front design

HDK Academy of design and crafts
Works from the exhibition Playing by the rules? - a display of projects challenging a given rule or norm in a playful manner: 
New ruled paper - Notebooks that challenge the norm of taking notes. Ahyoung Kim
Glass Play - Objects that aims to communicate the performance of the glassblower. Märta Louise Karlsson
Dine together, to get there - A table that visualizes the importance of doing things together. Sofia Florell

Produkt/Student: Dine together Table/Sofia Florell, Glass Play/Märta Louise Karlsson, Paper/Ahyoung Kim.

Per Enoksson, founder of Hikki, is a visual artist and designer with roots in the Sami culture. His design rests on the fusion between the ingenuity of the rural culture in the north of sweden and the colorfulness of urban life. Hikki make products for outdoors use that are built to last over generations and are as simple as they are robust.

: Svarta Grytan hot tub/Per Enoksson
Stockholm-based brand HOPE was founded in 2001, creating contemporary, high-quality fashion aimed to inspire and emphasise individual style. In focus stand a merge of strong tailoring and contemporary utility wear, founded on an aesthethic that is honest and direct.
Since 2017, all clothing is marked with both women’s and men’s sizing as a way to encourage people to dress across conventional gender-based norms.

John Sterner,
John Sterner is the new brand by Alexander Stutterheim & Marie Paulsson.

John Sterner is the antidote to the disposable culture. A sanctuary for those who want the refinement that real life still has to offer. They take a very humble material, wool, from thier own sheepfarm and turn it into knitwear garments that bear an understated level of elegance and finesse.

Product/designer: Sweater/Alexander Stutterheim & Marie Paulsson
Swedish Tradition since 1922. Crafted for life and for generations to come. Korbo baskets were originally used by fishermen and farmers who needed reliable carrying and storage that could withstand weather, wind, wear and tear. Each basket is carefully woven by hand by skilled craftsmen. 

Today Korbo is considered an interior design icon, used in everyday life. 
We work with designers and artists who are aware of what quality stands for-accomplishment unaffected by trends. The most important aspect is the visual quality. Good quality means long-term validity. 

Let´s introduce:
The iconic shelf ”Pilaster” designed by John Kandell in1989
The chair ”Skissernas” made by the awarded duo Elding Oscarson
The chair ”Sindre” by Pierre Sindre- with his hallmark; variation, comfort and simplicity

Product/Designer: Pilaster/John Kandell, Sindre/Pierre Sindre, Skissernas/Elding Oscarsson,
Lammhults develops and markets modern furniture of international design for companies with high demands on quality and design. For over 70 years we have delivered our signature Scandinavian style to public spaces, homes and offices around the worldWe cooperate with some of the leading contemporary furniture designers. What we accomplish together shall be elegant, effective and eco-friendly.

Product/Designer: BosS/Tuva Rivedal Tjugen, Coat hanger 17012/Börge Lindau & Bo Lindekrantz, Cargo&Cinema/ Gunilla Allard, Deco table/Julia Prytz, Add table/Anya Sebton

Svensson dresses public rooms with aesthetical and functional. The collections include fabrics for curtains, upholstery and solar control with a strong element of Scandinavian design. The textiles enable a creative environment by offering good light and sound control as well as energy saving with a wide palette of solids together with patterned coordinates.

Svensson has been manufacturing on the same site in Kinna, Sweden, for over 130 years. From concept to research and production, everything is under one roof, controlling the entire manufacturing process.
Today, Svensson is recognized as one of Europe’s 1,000 most inspiring and fastest growing companies.

Marrakech Design,
Marrakech Design is a Swedish company specialized in designer cement tiles. In this exhibition we are showing our collaborations with Claesson Koivisto Rune and Mats Theselius.
Pattern “Stitch” by Claesson Koivisto Rune in color combination Cream/Cayenne/Sunflower.
Pattern “Goose-eye” by Mats Theselius in color combination White/Banana.

Product/Designer: Stich/Claesson Koivisto Rune,  Goose-eye/Mats Theselius

No Early
Per Söderberg is both designer and architect. He opened his own studio in Stockholm in 1997 after graduating from Domus Academy in Milan. His work includes many prestigious projects for a.o Moschino, Orrefors, Adidas and Ikea as well as private houses and restaurants. In 2010 Per launched the No Early Birds  collection with the vision to create a timeless and sustainable furniture collection produced in Sweden.
Nola Industries is a developer of sustainable, quality design furniture for urban spaces. Collaborates with Sweden's leading designers & architects from concept to manufacture.
Cacti planter, design Anki Gneib, mimic the shapes and proportions of cacti, inspired by artist Frida Kahlo’s garden. 
Gro planter, design Mia Cullin, with frameworks as a geometrical Triangel for a decorative design.

Cacti planter/Anki Gneib,  Gro planter/Mia Cullin

Pholc – Stockholm, expressive, sophisticated. Updated.
Pholc is a Swedish design company. Our vision is to create expressions that balance between art and design. To create a feeling that radiates Stockholm, expressive, sophisticated and updated. To create affordable luxury with character that consists.

Product/Designer: Broberg & Ridderstråle, Sabina Grubbeson

Reijmyre Glasbruk,
Reijmyre Glasbruk, founded in 1810, is Sweden’s oldest glassworks still producing the entirety of our glassware from the small town of Rejmyre. Together with our master glassblowers, designer Lina Öhlund has developed the stemware series Senses. The diamond shaped bowl facilitates the oxygenation of the wine and enhances the bouquet. Swedish craftsmanship and sensibility epitomized. Skål!

Product/Designer: Senses/Lina Öhlund

RIAN Design Museum,
In cooperation with the founder of the swedish fashion brand HOPE, Ann Ringstrand, Svenska Station has created COAT - a furniture that ended up in the borderline between fashion and form. The collaboration between the designstudio and the fashiondesigner has focused on form and function with inspiration from the classic valet chair. The furniture is made of birch plywood and in the production we strive to minimize waste. With its innovative construction the furniture parts are assembled without glue or screws. The furniture can be placed in several places in the home serving as both a sideboard and a clothing rack.

Product/Designer: table/Malin Henningson, chair/Ann Ringstrand, 

It’s almost 300 years since we first started making plates at Rörstrand. Now, numerous services and generations later, we still offer Sweden’s most desirable porcelain. With our many design icons, we have succeeded in retaining a style that is classic, yet always with a contemporary touch. Monica Förster’s Inwhite is a new generation of white tableware perfectly adapted to the way we meet and dine today. 

Product/Designer:  Inwhite/Monica Förster

STUDIO DEJAWU established in Stockholm in 2015, founded by Qian Jiang (JQ). The name of studio is derived from the sense of unfamiliar-familiarity (Déjà vu), "Wu" as "物" in Chinese means Object. This combination is perceived as a philosophy that drives and directs our design process. Creating timeless and honest product as a memory container is our biggest interests

Product/Designer:  all/Qian Jiang,  

MUTANT operates at the intersection of toy and decoration, and strives to create products that will appeal to adults and children alike and last through the generations. MUTANT was launched 2017 by the artist and fashion designer Emma Persson, as a desire to start up sewing production in Sweden. All products are manufactured in Sweden, using organic cotton, textile waste material and Swedish reindeer skins. 

Product/Designer: all/FogEmma Persson

Tre Sekel – Local production and innovative collaboration.
The commonality for all of Tre Sekel’s products is that they are all produced with the highest level of craftsmanship in our local factory in Tibro, founded in 1944. The main materials used in our products are massive-solid wood, carefully chosen from local forests.

Our vision is to retain production and expertise in Sweden – both by making use of our Swedish heritage with the furniture we have license for, as well as by developing new furniture with the current generation of designers and collaborating with other exciting designers and companies which request our experience and expertise. We view this as a new and progressive way of thinking, and as a way to keep our Swedish factory alive.

Product/Designer: /Design Studio Halleroed /Carl Malmsten

Urbanears Speakers offer powerful sound and boundless audio possibilities with a variety of ways to connect. Combine two or more to create a multiroom system that fits your every space. Take your pick from a range of interior-friendly sizes and colors.
Zero Interiör was founded in 1978 with the vision of making unique light fixtures for a design-interested audience. These products, in combination with a deep understanding of how best to illuminate public indoor and outdoor environments, are at the heart of the brand identity. From the start, the creation of unique environments has been praised in both Sweden and abroad, thanks to guiding principles: quality, environmental care and innovation. The local roots and manufacturing have built long-term relationships with customers and suppliers that are vital to the brand. More than 80% of manufacturing takes place within roughly 200 km of Nybro in Småland and all assembly occurs in the workshop in Nybro.

Product/Designer: Fog/Front, Hoop/Front, Mist/Front, Ginza /Thomas Bernstrand, Convex/Jens Fager, Photo/Thomas Bernstrand & Mattias Ståhlbom,