Swedish Design Moves Tokyo
Photo: Erika Kindblad


Swedish Design Moves Tokyo 2018

Swedish Design Moves Tokyo

Swedish Designs Moves Tokyo 2018 will be the “umbrella” under which Swedish design initiatives will gather and as such it will be the most important Swedish design event in Tokyo in 2018. The aim is to support and show the most interesting Swedish design of today and to create exchange with Japan and Japanese designers and artist. Swedish Design Moves Tokyo 2018 is made in close collaboration with DESIGNART TOKYO 2018 a festival to which Sweden is invited as a partner country, as well as the Swedish Embassy.

DESIGNART TOKYO is a design and art festival in Tokyo that debuted in 2017 and exhibited around 200 designers’ work as well as works from more established designers and world known brands at 72 unique venues in Tokyo. For the 2018 edition, the DESIGNART TOKYO will anew invite designers and venues to collaborate in showing art, design and craft to a large public, surpassing the boundaries between the different fields. The main theme for DESIGNART TOKYO 2018 is ’Emotions’. It will serve as a lead focus for the different industries from interior, art, fashion, design and food to gather, show, meet and exchange throughout the festival.

Marking 150 years of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan, the DESIGNART festival invites Sweden as its partner country for 2018, in joint collaboration with Visit Sweden, the Embassy of Sweden the Swedish Institute, and Svensk Form.

Main events

Ung Svensk Form (Young Swedish Design) 2018 at World Aoyama building in collaboration with STRING® Japan

 As the main exhibition of Swedish Design Moves Tokyo, Ung Svensk Form will be exhibited in Japan during Designart. Ung Svensk Form (Young Swedish Design) is an annual juried award and an exhibition which travel in Sweden and abroad to deepen knowledge about young and innovative Swedish design. Ung Svensk Form is organised by Svensk Form, ArkDes – Sweden’s national centre for architecture and design, IKEA and the City of Malmö. The project was initiated in 1998 and is now celebrating its 20th anniversary. Tokyo is the first international venue for Ung Svensk Form 2018. In 2018, the prize-winning works of 29 designers will come together to Tokyo in collaboration with STRING® which is well-known for the Swedish classic module shelves designed in 1949. Their design is based on time-less functional beauty that fit everyday life. The exhibition at World will show Swedish architecture, craft, fashion, art and design.


Exhibition at Volvo Studio Aoyama

Ung Svensk Form was initiated in 1998 and is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018. At the occasion of Swedish Design Moves Tokyo, Sara Lundkvist, award-winner of Ung Svensk Form in 2013 as well as 2014/15 will exhibit her glassworks at Volvo Studio Aoyama as part of the USF 20y celebrations, during DESIGNART TOKYO 2018. The work of Sara Lundkvist will be shown in collaboration with STRING® Japan and Volvo.

Sara Lundkvist, Designer (award-winner of USF 2013 and 2014/15) at Volvo Studio Aoyama, in collaboration with Volvo and STRING® Japan


The events are made in close collaboration with Ung Svensk Form